Common Influencer Marketing Practices that Won’t Give You Results

If you are investing in influencer marketing, you have already learned much about this marketing strategy. Some of you are even getting fruitful results that make it a vital marketing practice of your monthly Marketing Strategy.

However, numerous businesses are not getting the expected results from influencer marketing. Such businesses are putting their hard efforts into this marketing strategy but are reaching nowhere.

Don’t worry; below are the common practices you might be following in an influencer marketing campaign that isn’t delivering expected results.

Efforts with No Goal: You are putting your hard-earned money and efforts into turning your influencer marketing into a game-changer for the business. Unfortunately, you are not considering a specific goal for the marketing strategy. Without a goal, you cannot create goal-specific content and evaluate its outcome.

With no goal, no targeted content, and no result evaluation, your entire efforts come to zero as influencer marketing won’t deliver you what you expected. So, before investing money into influencer marketing, set your goal and start working accordingly.

Working with Unworthy Influencers: You are a business offering services in the clothing industry, and unfortunately, you are working with influencers creating content in a technical niche. This makes a big mesh for the viewers to understand the motive of your video. Moreover, such content never gets a massive response across various channels.

The reason behind this is that influencers have an audience based on what content they serve. So, promoting your clothing and apparel on tech channels will result in a failed outcome. Moreover, it will also create a bad impact on your brand reputation.

Only Investing, Not Considering Competition: It’s false if you think investing a significant amount of money in influencer marketing can give you huge results. With the changing marketing trend, the competition across social channels also increases, which might require high or less investment.

Still, businesses make a specific investment and expect high results, impossible when numerous competitors are already following the marketing trend and investing accordingly.

Following the marketing trend is highly recommended to find what works best for your influencer marketing strategy.

Flooding Hashtags: Hashtag is more like a keyword that helps the viewers find similar content across the platform. Hence, the right choice of hashtags and an adequate number of hashtags matter a lot when promoting your content across various social channels. Unfortunately, newbie influencers consider adding tons of hashtags, some of them being completely irrelevant.

Such practice will take you nowhere! Instead, flooding of hashtags will end up degrading your engagement rate. Some social channels even consider it as a negative promotional practice and decline your organic reach.

Monetary Investment with No Result Tracking: It’s great if you are already investing in Influencer Marketing. But have you tracked how much you invested and what ROI you received? Tracking the results is a crucial component of any marketing practice.

For an influencer, influencer marketing ends after promoting the content to the best of their potential. However, for businesses, it continues till the campaign ends. It means the businesses start tracking the campaign performance from day one and analyze its ROI.

If you are also making these mistakes, pause your marketing and rectify them immediately.

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