Lets compare Coinspot and Swyftx

CoinSpot is looking forward to working with the security community to identify security risks to keep our businesses and customers safe.

Response Guidelines

CoinSpot will make a concerted effort to meet the following targets for hackers participating in our program:

  • First response time (from post sent) – 2 business days
  • Decision time (from the report submitted) – 2 business days
  • Profit time (from triage) – 7 business days
  • We will try to keep you informed of our progress throughout the process.
  • Disclosure Policy
  • Please do not discuss any risks (even resolved) outside the system without the permission of the CoinSpot Group.

Program Rules

Please provide detailed reports with repetitive steps. If the report does not contain enough information to reproduce the matter, the matter will not be eligible for a prize.

  • Post one risk per report, unless you need to combine risk to give effect.
  • When duplicates occur, we only reward the first report received (as long as it can be fully redone).
  • Most risks caused by one problem will be awarded one bonus.
  • Public engineering (e.g. crime of sensitive theft, vishing, smishing) is allowed.
  • Make an honest effort to avoid breach of privacy, data breach, or disruption or damage to our service. Only work with the accounts you own or with the explicit permission of the account manager.

Extra-wide risk

When reporting a risk, please consider (1) the nature of the attack / exploitation, and (2) the security impact of the attack. The following problems are considered substandard:

  • Clicking on pages without sensitive actions.
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) on unauthorised forms or non-critical forms.
  • Attacks requiring MITM or physical access to a user’s device.
  • Previously identified libraries that do not have a valid Psychological Evidence.
  • Comma Separated Values ​​(CSV) without showing risk.
  • Best practices that are not in SSL / TLS configuration.

Lets compare CoinSpot vs Swyftx to understand certain differences.


Swyftx is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the market and has everything you need in one convenient location. You can trade more than 320 assets on Swyftx including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin as well as DeFi coins such as UniCoin. The trading platform has low cost, low spread, allows you to draw all your favorite currencies in all currencies on TradingView platform, has unparalleled demo mode for trading practice, specialised customer support, real-time feeds and two-factor authentication for additional security.

Real-time price feed & API

Swyftx asset prices are updated in real time and will be updated promptly based on the size of your order. The forum also has the power of easy integration and the ability to fully customise your trading strategies and order placement.

Stop, limit & market orders

Avoid missing out on opportunities to buy or lose money from inflation by stopping the default triggers for buying or selling certain goods when you reach your chosen price.

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