Promote your NFT collection on Discord

With the increasing popularity of NFTs, promoting your collection has become even more important than ever. Discord is one of the largest social platforms on the internet where thousands of NFT servers exist. NFT buyers and enthusiasts from all around the world gather on Discord to discuss their ideas and support their favorite NFT creators.

Before every NFT drop, the creator announces it on their Discord server. This is why most buyers are found on Discord only. Many creators find these Discord servers as an opportunity to promote NFT art collection

What is Discord?

Discord is an instant messaging website and app that enables users to do voice calls, video chat, live streaming, and create servers. Unlike other social media platforms, Discord consists of servers that people have to join to socialize.

These servers are divided based on interests, creating a more focused community sharing the same interests and ideals. 

Why is Discord popular in the NFT community?

Most servers are built to empower new artists and illustrators who have the potential to grow and make valuable NFTs. Furthermore, the hosts also promote new events and live sessions that people can participate in to promote their NFT projects as a partnership. 

With so many advantages of Discord, it is essential to make a server of your own. Although you might not have many followers, the Discord server establishes a base for potential buyers in case they do find your collection or project interesting.

How to promote NFT collection on Discord

Now that you know the importance of Discord in the NFT community, you should know how you can use the social platform to promote your NFT collection among potential buyers and gain an audience. 

Here’s how you can promote NFT collection on Discord:

Join a server

After you have signed up with Discord, you will be directed to the place where all the servers exist. You can either search for servers through the search bar or join through Discord links provided by other influencers on various social media platforms.

You can be picky with choosing NFT servers based on your NFT collection to target a specific audience. Make sure to join those in which your defined target buyers are members; instead of wasting time joining every server.  

By joining servers, you can promote NFT collection in the channels. 

Create a server

Discord gives you an option to create a server of your own. To promote NFT collection, we recommend creating your own server so that when you launch your current and future projects, the members can know about it. 

Creating a server can be tricky because you need to be super organized. Messy servers tend to confuse members and they eventually leave them. You can start by making channels to separate various activities. This helps new members to easily navigate your server and find relevant information quickly. 

Your server should include each channel for: 

  • Discussions
  • Guidelines
  • Announcements
  • NFT projects
  • Socials and other specific preferences. 

Invite users

After successfully creating a server, it is time to add users. You can start by sharing the Invite link around various social media platforms. If you are part of some discord servers, you can send the link there as well. 

Do not expect people to start joining as you as put links around because they don’t know you well; unless you are a famous social media influencer with many followers. 

Spread Invite links to as many websites or platforms as you can. 

Give roles

Many hosts give users or members roles in servers. They help in maintaining the environment and overall workings inside the server in case you are away. 

Furthermore, giving roles also brings a sense of responsibility and pride in members that they are valued by the community. 

Stay Active

Your activeness will determine the success and failure of the server. Give them updates, drop small hints, hold events & live sessions, and encourage participation. You can do different collaboration projects to promote the current NFT collection and create small events for upcoming ones. 

Be active and creative. This will attract members and you might gain more through word of mouth. 

BONUS: How to create a Discord server?

Here is how you can create a discord server:

  • Download the Discord web app or you can use the Discord website on your desktop browser too. 
  • Select the +  on the left side of the screen in the server navigation bar. 
  • Click on “Create my Own” from the many options.
  • Choose between the private or public server options. 
  • Type in the server name and then select “Create.”
  • After setting up the server, send out invite links for users to join!
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