The most reliable blender for Bitcoin anonymity

People’s interest in cryptocurrencies is still high despite the large-scale ups and downs of “crypto.” This is a hot topic not only among investors but also in mass culture because both Elon Musk and an ordinary student invest in “crypto.” Check how to use it in the article below.

The explanation of interest in Bitcoin

Unlike fiat money, the supply of some cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) is limited by their algorithm. This makes crypto a scarce resource, and the supply decreases over time. When the supply decreases, the price increases. Cryptocurrency has two opposing features that ensure its value and the impossibility of counterfeiting.

Also, interest in Bitcoin is only growing today, as is the number of companies whose work is based on operations with this currency. Many special training courses are even held in large cities, where the nuances of working with this virtual currency are studied.

Besides, a Bitcoin wallet on your device is the most convenient way to send and receive Bitcoin. However, there are important conditions for storing funds on a device such as a mobile phone connected to the Internet.

What are the best features of  is one of the new projects that provides excellent anonymity. According to the review, it is fully automated, which allows you to mix Bitcoin without the help of a person. Among the main features of are the following:

  • Does not store logs; therefore, it cannot provide them to anyone upon request, even to officials.
  • Stores information about pending transactions to help the user when needed.
  • Instantly deletes information about completed transactions.
  • Does not maintain an email database.
  • Fully automated – a person does not participate in the process.

As a result, when the mixer finishes its work, all data related to the transactions will be deleted immediately.

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